#ENDSARS: Falz Blows Hot In New Video, Reveals New Plans

Popular Nigerian artiste, Falz, also known as Falzthebahdguy has blown hot about the brutality against innocent Nigerians by men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS across Nigeria.

After the #ENDSARS protest he appeared in a new video where he insisted that Nigerians are not asking for the reformation of SARS, but only a total abolishment can appease Nigerians.

While expressing happiness about the number of people who joined the #ENDSARS protests held in Lagos today, he stressed that the protest is not over yet.

#Endsars: Falz Blows Hot In New Video, Reveals New Plans
#ENDSARS: Falz Blows Hot In New Video, Reveals New Plans

“Omo today was crazy, it was mad inspiring. So many people came out, I was just happy and inspired to see how may people came out and it just made me know that it is about time to take this struggle beyond social media. It is about time to take our complaints beyound social media.

“We need to get out there and protest, we need to let our intentions be known. We do not want SARS anymore, we are not asking for reform. We are not asking you to come to a press conference and tell us they are allowed to do this, they are not allowed to do this. This has happened so many times, we need SARS completely abolished.

“And we went to the Lagos State police command today and we left a message for the Police IG via the AIG and we made them know that on Tuesday we are back on the street if we do not have SARS completely abolished, by Tuesday we are back on the street.”

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