Elon Musk Raps About Haramble The Gorilla

The Tesla CEO, Elon Musk dropped a surprise song called “RIP Harambe” on SoundClould under the account name Emo G Records. The album art (if you can call it that?) features Harambe memorialized in some ornate medallion with a crown on top of his head.

At first, Musk did not say much about the song when he announced its debut on Twitter. In a subsequent tweet, however, he wrote, “I’m disappointed that my record label failed.”

There’s still time. Not to worry. He could be Elon Musk: CEO of Tesla and SpaceX and record producer extraordinaire.

The single “RIP Harambe” is just under two minutes long and is virtually all auto-tune. It memorializes the gorilla and essentially imagines what he would be doing now if he were still alive.

Elon Musk Raps About Haramble The Gorilla 1

Harambe became a viral sensation and meme in 2016. A 4-year-old boy entered the gorilla’s enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo in May 2016 and Harambe ended up dragging the boy around for a few moments. Harambe was then shot and killed.

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