Easy ways to spot a liar.

For some people, it is easy to spot a liar, Professionals and trained law enforcement operatives such as FBI, SSS, lawyers & police often find it easy because they know what red flags to look for. So many times when we listen to someone talk, we wished we had the ability to see through their words. In essence, to become a human lie detector.  What if I told you you can? Certain mannerisms, parts of the body and physiological responses are what gives a liar away most of the time.

1. Body Movement

The first and probably the most revealing trait of someone telling a lie would be their body movements. Do you look nervous or uncomfortable? Are the sweating? Are they fidgety? These all happens because lying requires more effort than telling the truth. When a person lies, they tend to look anxious or tensed, well unless your a psychopath and have mastered the act of remaining calm when telling a lie.

2. Eye contact

A lying person would look away. Children tend to do it a lot by bowing their heads down when telling a lie, because they’re young and unable to mask their feelings yet. Adults on the other hand,  may pretend to search for something while talking instead of looking straight at you.

However, this might not be accurate method of detecting a lie, due to the fact that certain people naturally have a hard time maintaining eye contact.

3.  Frequently changing details(of their lie)

Reality T-V star Judge Judy always used to tell perpetrators and wrong doers on her show that you don’t need to have a good memory when you’re telling the truth. If a persons story keeps on contradicting itself every time they narrate it, then there is a big chance you’re being lied to. Recalling the correct details of an event shouldn’t be a challenge when you’re telling the truth.