Drama in Auchi Poly as Lady Attacks Lecturer

Mayhem rocks a lecture hall as a lady attacks lecturer in an exam hall in the presence of her colleagues.

According to reports, the angry student of the Auchi Polytechnic, Edo state, was stopped from taking the examinations her mates were taking. The lecturer had found her with incriminating materials in the exam hall, and so he seized her answer sheets.

After seizing her script, he gave her an incidence form to fill; this just meant that the lady would either have to take the course again or face the school’s disciplinary committee.

Lady Attacks Lecturer in Exam Hall

The lady waited in the corner for the exam to be over before she accosted the lecturer. In a viral video, the lady held on to the lecturer’s shirt by the collar and refused to let him go as she was screaming at him.

Although there were people in the hall trying to calm her down, the lady did not let go until she ripped his shirt.

Social media users went astir as the video made its way to the internet. Some have asked for more details as they believe there is more to the story to make the lady act that way.

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