Ka3na Rains Curses After Social Media Loss

Self-acclaimed boss lady, Ka3na rains curses on her attackers after dealing with a huge loss.

Anyone entrepreneur who understands the work put in to build a business online would understand the pain Ka3na is going through right now. The serial entrepreneur who runs different businesses, including the hacked fashion page, armour Ka3na vented on her Twitter page.

Ka3na Rains Curses on Socials

Sharing a video of herself stunting on the hackers, she was seen counting 100 dollar bills in a banking hall, and she captioned the video,

‘Fvck Who Ever Hacked My IG Business Account. FVCK FVCK FVCK U 100’

Ka3Na Rains Curses After Social Media Loss
Ka3na Rains Curses on Socials

Her fans went under her comment section to console her for the loss, offering solutions and alternatives, all the while hailing her as a cash madam.

Meanwhile, hours ago, the BBNaija star announced that she would put a smile on the face of her assistant, who she describes as the ‘best personal assistant the universe has got to offer’ for her birthday.

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