Drama as Man Dies Twice in 2 Weeks (see pic)

Man Dies Twice in 2 Weeks

There was drama as a man was reported to have died twice in two weeks. A Kenyan man, Peter Kigen, who was said to have died for the first time about two weeks ago, has died again.

Kigen was confirmed dead at a hospital in his home town Kibwastuiyo after he was recorded to have slumped and fell in his home.

The 32- year-old man miraculously rose from dead inside the morgue, after an incision was made on his right leg.

Report stated that the hospital’s medical superintendent Gilbert Cheruiyot, said Kigen was taken to the morgue by his family members who pronounced him dead the first time.

Man Dies Twice In 2 Weeks
Man Dies Twice in 2 Weeks

According to him, they did not wait for a medical certification for his death, but they believed he was dead because he was suffering from a chronic ailment and was in a terrible condition when he arrived the hospital.

After waking up at the morgue, Kigen was reported to have said he would serve God for the rest of his life as a way to thank Him for spearing his life.

However, one of his family members, Hezbon Tonui, have announced his death again, after he was certified dead at Kericho County Hospital.

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