Dowen College Celebrates Win in New Released Statement

Dowen College is celebrating its victory in a newly released statement following the update on Sylvester Aromoni case.

Recall that the autopsy result of the 12-years-old college student that died as a result of the bully in the school cleared the suspects, leading to their release on bail.

Following this, Dowen College released a statement noting that Nigerians should let the soul of Sylvester rest while praying that no school would have to experience the same thing they went through as a result of the case.

The released statement reads, “At this point, we respectfully request that all those who have consistently, misguidedly and maliciously pushed false information should desist immediately and allow our dear Sylvester’s soul rest peacefully in our Lord’s arms.

The longstanding integrity, values and processes the school worked tirelessly to maintain over the past 24 years were unfairly called to question and dragged through the mud since.

“Today, the truth wins, our faith wins, and our integrity wins. We pray that no school or organisation ever has to experience what we have been going through.

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