Dowen College: Tonto Dikeh Reacts to Sylvester’s Autopsy Result

Actress Tonto Dikeh has reacted to claims that Dowen college student Sylvester died from a natural cause, according to the Lagos police.

The Lagos police stated that the autopsy result carried out in Delta and Lagos state revealed that Sylvester had died from natural causes and not from what people claimed.

However, this has disappointed Nigerians, and the actress, who developed an interest in the case, has called out Lami Phillips, whose family is believed to own Dowen college.

Dowen College: Tonto Dikeh Reacts to Sylvester’s Autopsy Result

In her post, she affirmed the height of injustice in Nigeria while questioning what could have happened with the first Autopsy, which was shared online.

She added that what she feels for Lami Phillips is just a pity because she believes that karma gets everyone. She further noted that she is highly disappointed that “mothers are not mothers” anymore.

Tonto’s post reads: “There are so much information in the first Autopsy that isn’t in the second one.
Why was the case not tried in court to determine who is guilty or not? Is Nigeria police now the court of law
Is it now the Job of a commissioner of Police to interpret an Autopsy Result.”

She also expressed her anger at the Lagos state government and the school.

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