Don’t Have a Date For Valentine’s? Here is the Way out.

‘About a month ago, I liked your pictures, About a month ago I shot my shot.  About a month ago, I sent a DM and you ignored me, Now valentine is here…’

You know the rest of that song, don’t you?

Even worse, you feel it deep in your chest when it is being sung for or around you. Nothing hits harder than the ‘insensitive’ jokes targeted at single pringles this season.

Don’t Have A Date For Valentine'S? Here Is The Way Out.

Don’t worry, I’m here to give you ways to make your Valentine’s day celebration an amazing one without a romantic partner.

Anthony J D’Angelo said, “When solving problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves.” As you read on, you will understand why this quote is here.

So you are sad that they have no romantic partner to celebrate with on the 14th of February and St. Valentine is probably rolling his eyes at you right now like ‘Chile! What are you doing? This day is for me!’ 

This is how Valentine started

Honestly, the first way to not stress yourself about having a date for this holiday is to know that Valentine’s day is a Christian holiday originally to celebrate St. Valentine for his good works as a saint, your love life is just an afterthought. According to his story, St. Valentine was a 3rd-century saint martyred on the 14th of February, 269 AD for adamantly preaching the gospel. He is also the patron saint of Beekeepers and Epilepsy.

I gave that brief biography to say that, while this is linked to love between people, the main aim is to highlight the pertinence of Agape love with your brethren. Know this and know peace dears.

 Piggybacking off that, you can spend your Valentine’s day putting a huge smile on people’s faces. Take your family to dinner, help a co-worker meet their deadline, give your staff a paid day off maybe even treat yourself to a luxurious self-care with spa dates, daycations and all that. If you aren’t cut out for all that, you can just stay home and sleep because although I’m giving you all these suggestions, that’s really what I am going for, don’t judge me!

Not denying that there are hopeless romantics in our midst and all these may not be as appealing. You can have a self date either at home or in a fancy spot. Like me, home buddies can order in flowers, chocolate and wine, snuggle up and watch a Romcom.

Don’t tell anyone I told you but you can address a note to yourself from an imaginary bae – add a name and act surprised for effect. *wink*

Don’t Have A Date For Valentine'S? Here Is The Way Out.

If you came here expecting to get steps on snatching someone’s date, sorry to disappoint you. It is not that kind of party over here but until next time…

xoxo, your Valentine.

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