Don’t Get Pregnant This Christmas!!!!

Apart from St. Valentine’s day that had a history of girls getting impregnated, Christmas is another season of ‘romance scam’ where girls especially those in the villages and towns are impregnated by the so-called big boys who stormed their areas during this period. It is therefore important you shine your eyes as a lady not to fall victim this Christmas by having unwanted pregnancy and thereby beginning the New Year in turmoil.

Christmas period is one of the best time of the year especially in this part of the world. There are many days marked as a National Public Holiday by the Federal Government of Nigeria, the holidays in December is well spent by the people as they travel far and wide to celebrate the end of the year with their loved ones. Many who have left their country home to work in different parts of the country/world uses this period to report back home thereby increasing the population of these places and having impact (both positive and negative) in their short stay.

My extended family is a very large one that has most of us spread across the face of the earth. In a bid to ensure that we know ourselves and avoid stories that touches the heart, the head of the family (who doubles as the community ruler) makes a clarion call for all to return home and have a get together especially on the 26th which is a Public Holiday (boxing day). During this period, the community is agog with men and women, boys and girls who has come from all part of the world to celebrate Christmas. Some of the guys use this opportunity to show-off; they can even say their computer wristwatch can show Zeeworld movies and the boys and girls in the villages will fall for it.

Most of the girls in the villages and towns who like flashy things have an instant boyfriend from the city who is said to be better than their colleagues in the village. They always fall victim as the ‘one-night-stand’ they have with their foreign partner gets some of them impregnated and thereby halt their progress in life. Some of the ladies even give birth to bastards as they cannot figure out who the real father of the baby is after having multiple unprotected sex.

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There was this particular story of one Chinedu who came home for the Christmas celebration from Malaysia after five years away. The young businessman has made quite a fortune for himself; spending the season in his village of Ezike is one he has been looking forward to since his friends has invited him severally through the messenger app. He eventually returned home with a lot of goodies as Christmas is a period of sharing gifts and good tidings. He mentioned Kuala Lumpur every now and then with pride. As for his village friends, it was as if their kinsman is involved in importation and exportation in heaven_ they can’t just stop feeling the drip of the ‘Malay guy’. His friends arranged girls for him even brothers gave out their sisters for the money. By the time Chinedu returned to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), he had deposited his semen into the life of six different ladies. He has spread the good tiding with his joystick and ladies has fallen for his scam.

Another Christmas is here and many would be traveling home once again. Nigerian roads are very busy this time of the year as many make it a point of duty to meet with their loved ones. It’s also a time some parents have scheduled for their children to bond with their relatives. They also use the opportunity to learn about the culture and traditions of their people. Those at home can’t wait to receive their visitors who have toiled all year to have a befitting end to the year with them. The romance will be turn on again, the girls in the villages and towns are also expecting their ‘mugu’ who will pay their bills for the Christmas and in so doing may become victims of the romance scam.

Why Ladies Get Pregnant During Christmas

The festive period is a time many have break ups in their relationships. In a society like ours where the male folks are saddled with the responsibility of paying bills, some men have a find a way of breaking up with their partners at this time of the year. The slightest mistake counts and it is used as a way out of dodging a list of bills which include clothing, hair fixing, food and drinks, and other expenses. A crack in the wall brings in an intruder; I mean someone else who is ready to pay bills and who will get something in return too. The lack of seriousness and unfaithfulness has therefore led to unwanted pregnancies this period.

The ‘Malay Guys’ has got something most girls back at home will fall for. Their swag, pocket, and their newly found accent does the trick. Guys at home who speaks the local language go down the pecking order. This is the time Folake would leave Jide for Oluwadare who has turned ‘Drey’ in the US. The boys who visit at this time of the year has money to spend (their hard-earned money in the course of the year) so they have nice time with ladies who are rather cheap than those in their residential areas. Covetousness and greed in the side of the ladies who have unprotected sex with these guys during Christmas has made many unprepared mothers. The sad thing is that most of these men will deny this pregnancy once they are back to their base. Do you still want to get pregnant this christmas?

Some ladies also fall victim because of inferiority complex and search for greener pastures. They feel guys who are outside the shores of the country are demi-god and can help turn their life around by sleeping with them. The country is so hard that a citizen with an Indonesian or Greek passport for example is seen as way out of their poverty. They feel getting pregnant for them will at least help them cater for their needs when they show during this period. Who else doesn’t want to be associated with a foreigner or someone from the big city?

Don’t Get Pregnant This Christmas

Christmas is here again, don’t fall victim of the romance scam of the season. The ‘Malay guys’ will be in town soon; you just have to shine your eyes. Don’t think getting pregnant this christmas for a man will make him stay. You just have to be on guard this season if you really want a better life for yourself. If you must have sex, then it must be protected sex. Never allow your life to be wasted as a result of the fun of the season. You might be adding to your woes if you fall victim and become an unprepared mother especially as a teenager. The Christmas period is just a short time pleasure; you have to look to the future that brings greater excitement. Make sure not to get pregnant this christmas.

Remember Christ is the reason for the season. Do have a wonderful Christmas celebration and Happy New Year in advance to you all. You can share your views on this topic with us in the comment section. Thanks for taking time in reading this piece.

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