Don Jazzy Reacts to Gay Allegations

Popular Producer Don Jazzy has reacted to a gay allegation by a famous Instagram blogger. According to the blogger, it is now a popular trend in the industry as gays are getting married to the opposite gender, subjecting their wives to emotional torture.

The blogger further added that there are quite several celebrities that are gay while noting that one had just recently welcomed a child in the US, but his hostility towards his wife is on another level.

Read what the blogger said, “Hello Tueh Tueh, ladies open your eyes o, this is the popular trend in the industry now, gay are now getting married to opposite-sex thereby subjecting their spouse to emotional torture, a lot of your favourites are sitting pretty on this table, even one just welcomed a baby recently in the US, his hostility towards the wife is on another level, according to him, na my papa say make I go marry, so I don marry to please am, una favourite comedian wey dey call himself aunty E. That one all him client for this yansh knacking business na Abuja dem dey, ladies be at alert, if you must be a gay or whatever, come out of the closet already. Stop punishing our girls.

Don Jazzy Reacts To Gay Allegations
Don Jazzy Reacts to Gay Allegations

Don Jazzy Reacts to Gay Allegations

In reaction to this, Don Jazzy stated that it wouldn’t be the first time he has been called gay. He further instructed people to be alert as he would be coming out soon.

He said, “So I hear I’m gay all the time. Anyways click on the link on my bio. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. Click on the notification bell too oooo. Cos I’m going to be coming out there. 😘

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