Don Jazzy: Dbanj made me who I am today

Nigerian record producer Don Jazzy has acknowledged Dbanj as the support that made him the success in the entertainment industry today.

In a recent interview, the Mavin Records boss stated that ace musician Dbanj was the ‘catalyst’ of many of his achievements.

Don Jazzy said he is most times contented with situations, but ‘Kokomaster’ was the push that makes him do more all of the time.

Don Jazzy Praises Dapo

“Dbanj is the creator/catalyst. If you leave me with every situation I’m in; it’s like I’m contented; I’m okay there.

“But Dbanj saw me and everything that people see in me now. He just sparked it in me.

“Left to me, I would have just been where I was and not do much about it. So, I would say he was that catalyst that said, ‘Jazzy do this and that’.

“He ensured I achieved the things I did. He sold the idea of us coming back to Nigeria and that we did,” he said.

Despite his praise for the ‘Kokomaster’, he noted that his record label ‘Mavin’ came from a desire to build an entertainment powerhouse for up and coming artists in Africa.

He said, “All I know is that I had always wanted to build a beautiful record label or an entertainment company that is a powerhouse for developing artists for Africa.

“We don’t have one. So, I felt there should be at least one to give people hope. Find people, develop them and send them out to the world.

“Now, it looks a whole lot easier getting to the world than it was back then. But it remains the goal to find young people and break them internationally,” he concluded.

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