The Nigerian Woman is Homeless

The Nigerian woman is homeless. From “father’s house” to “husband’s house”. In her father’s house, her days are numbered. She is constantly being reminded that she can’t stay too long. In husband’s house, she isn’t secure either. She can be asked to leave for a myriad of reasons…

Your soup is not sweet, pack and go.

Husband finds a younger prettier woman, pack and go.

You don’t have a male child, pack and go.

The Nigerian Woman is Homeless.

Too many miscarriages, leave my house.

Husband is broke, carry your bad luck and go.

See…? She has no home. Why I’ll rather have My house.

A lot of you in the replies touting financial independence as the solution. Financial independence is good but it is only treating the symptom not curing the disease. The disease is patriarchy. Dismantle the culture and system of male privilege. Let’s start from there.

Credit: Fola, The Favoured Woman.

Do you really think the Nigerian Woman is Homeless?

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