Didier Drogba Demands Impossible Task from Salah

Former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba has placed a heavy demand on Liverpool star player Mohamed Salah. The Ivorian said he would be delighted if the Egyptian returned to Stanford Bridge in January. Drogba made this known in a chat with Al-Axis TV, where he admitted that he would be delighted to see Salah in Chelsea jersey again.

Didier Drogba Wants Salah to Make Chelsea Return

This is coming amid speculations of the player’s future with Liverpool. Drogba said: “If I am selfish, I will tell Salah to leave Liverpool and return to Chelsea. My opinion is that Salah will remain the best, no matter if he continues at Liverpool or if he moves.”

Didier Drogba Demands Impossible Task From Salah

He also said: “Any other team would perform better [with him] because he understands what he is doing, is good at scoring and creating goals, and only needs the confidence of the coach.” He, however, said he did not know what Salah plans on doing next, but regardless of whatever happens, he will always be a Salah fan.

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