Details of NANS’ Meeting With Sheikh Gumi

The National Association of Nigerian Students held a meeting with a famous Islamic scholar Ahmad Gumi also known as Sheikh Gumi amidst the criminal activities carried out by bandits in some parts of the country.

According to NANS President, Sunday Asefon, the Association is concerned about the continuous closure of some schools due to the activities of bandits.

Meanwhile, the Association urged the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration to declare those kidnapping students and anyone with the propensity to kidnap and kill students in large numbers as terrorists.

The Association noted that the Federal Government has yet to declare the Northwest and North Central bandits as terrorists.

Asefon advised the Nigerian government to beef up security in schools to make it possible for students to attend schools with the assurance that they will be secured.

According to the NANS President, representatives of the Association have been to Kaduna and several states in the Northwest and North Central to plead that they should provide security and urged Sheikh Gumi to appeal to bandits to stop attacking schools.

Sheikh Gumi

Sheikh Gumi
NANS President, Sunday Asefon

You will recall that Sheikh Gumi had highlighted what he described as the reason for banditry in Nigeria.
The scholar opined that the Herders/farmers crisis is a simple criminality case that turned into banditry, ethnic war and genocide. He said the bandits were forced into criminality.

According to him, the solution to banditry is not military hardware but dialogue and teaching, adding that the bandits are acting with no special knowledge.
The scholar noted that the bandits were the first victims of cattle rustling that destroyed their livelihood.

He stressed the need to investigate how cattle rustling became a big business in Nigeria and how it affected the nomadic Fulani’s socio-cultural behaviour.

EveryEvery had reported that Sheikh Gumi had demanded blanket amnesty for bandits. The scholar asked the Nigerian government to give repentant bandits amnesty to help tackle the country’s current security situation.

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