Desmond Elliot In Trouble Over Uganda’s Election

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  • Discussions around Bobi Wine's political ideology has sparked reactions from many Nigerians.

A conversation started by a Twitter user, @VictorIsrael about one of the Presidential candidates in Uganda, Bobi Wine has generated many reactions from the social media platform.

The Twitter user noted that many Nigerians wished they could have their own young and Vibrant Bobi Wine but the last time they gave it a thought, it resulted in Desmond Elliot.

His submission about Bobi Wine’s political ideology, however, sparked reactions from many Nigerians who opined that the likes of Desmond Elliot made some people lost hope in giving a Nigerian youth the chance to take a leadership position in the country.

Many users on the popular app lauded Bobi Wine, a hip hop star cum politician for his courage to challenge the sitting President, Yoweri Museveni, who has been ruling the country for over 30 years.

Desmond Elliot In Trouble

Desmond Elliot In Trouble Over Uganda'S Election
Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, also known as Bobi Wine

Reactions from Twitter users, who compared Bobi Wine To Lagos Lawmaker, Desmond Elliot

A popular Twitter influencer, @DrOlufunmilayo said “Let’s not compare Bobi Wine with Desmond Elliot though. It’s a huge disrespect to Bobi Wine. If we are being very honest. One wants to rebuild his country, The other one wants to fill his country with mobile toilets. One is a patriot, the other is an idiot.

@datmastermind80 “Desmond Elliot and Bobi Wine are two different people entirely though. One came to challenge an oppressive system, the other joined politics as a retirement plan from his acting career.

@mazi_manulu said “Nigerians wish they could have their own young and Vibrant Bobi Wine but all we keep seeing are Desmond Elliot, Adamu Garba, and Yahaya Bello. Very bad omen

@Ozo_Njenje said “Bobi Wine joined politics refused to join the cycle of corrupt old fool killing Uganda this made him the voice and face of opposition in Uganda. Desmond Elliot joined politics and went to national TV to brag about being a product of godfatherism. Shame, the difference is clear.

@the_coolest_gal “It is a huge disrespect to Bobi Wine for him to be compared to Desmond Elliot. Bobi wine has served his country to the very best making him a patriot while Desmond Elliot just wants to commission toilets and behave no less than an idiot.

You will recall that the actor cum politician was tongue-lashed during the EndSARS protests for describing the protesters as Kids as he also accused them of destroying government-owned property in Lagos State (read more here)

Bobi Wine

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