Denola Grey Takes Stand on Gay Community

Media personality and fashionista, Denola Grey takes stand on the gay community amid the current backlash.

The 30-year-old actor took to his Twitter to share his thoughts on the LGBTQ community and how they are being treated. He said this in relation to the reactions to the recent video released by queer American artiste, Lil Nas X.

Denola Grey Takes Stand on LGBTQ

Tweeting his thoughts, he said,

“Lol Nigerians are going to lose their shit over Lil Nas X’s new video and honestly that’s their business. I Stan the young fellow. He’s doing something unheard of in the rap community. It’s going to mean so much to a lot of queer youth.”

As expected, Denola’s tweet put him on the butcher’s slab as Nigerians came for him in no time. Some asked him to come out as queer instead of hiding behind tweets to express his sexuality. Others chided him for raising an inconsequential conversation while Nigerians had bigger fish to fry.

Denola Grey Takes Stand On Gay Community
Denola Grey Takes Stand on LGBTQ

Others thought him a hypocrite, like this comment below;

@obynofranc – “Lool. If they lose their shit over Lil Nas new video, it won’t affect him in any way, Dens. Now, a Nigerian queer man was at ABJ protesting and you didn’t tweet in support of him when it can go a long way.”

Denola has shown himself to be an ally of the LGBTQ community in times past.

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