Erica Blasts White Nigerian For ‘Lying’

BBNaija star Nlewedim Erica blasts white Nigerian after he made an unbelievable comment about the state of Lagos.

Mohammed Jamal who goes by ‘White Nigerian’ made a tweet commending the Lagos state government for the good roads in the state. In his tweet, he mentioned that he had driven fro the Lagos airport to Victoria Island without encountering any potholes. He wrote;

“I just drove from Lagos Airport to VI, no single pothole. I’m impressed”

His tweet angered several Lagosians who felt he was intentionally lying and not holding the state government accountable. A lot of angry comments have been directed towards the man.

Erica Blasts White Nigerian Over Tweet

Erica was among the Lagosians who were amused by the tweet. Unable to withhold her confusion and disbelief the BBNaija star wrote

“Where did you pass?”

Erica Blasts White Nigerian For 'Lying' 1
Erica Blasts White Nigerian

Some of the Twitter users opined that he must have been placed under the payroll of some politicians to confidently tweet that despite the continuous complaints from Lagosians to get their roads fixed.

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