Daughter of Rivers Monarch Tackles Ifu Ennada Over her Advise to Couples

BBNaija reality star Ifu Ennada was tackled by Princess Dorathy Osaronu, daughter of HRH Dr J.D Osaronu, King of Onne in Eleme, Rivers State, over her advice to intending couples.

Recall that Ifu Ennada had earlier advised the young ones intending to marry not to get married and have kids if they are still broke.

She said, “Please don’t get married if you’re broke and don’t bring chicken into this world if you’re broke. Some people do these things because they feel their rich family member/friend is a backup plan, but this is cruel, especially to the kids you’re bringing into this world. Let those kids be chilling in heaven till you have money to take care of them. Let’s do better this 2022.

Daughter of Rivers Monarch Tackles Ifu Ennada Over her Advise to Couples

Reacting to this, Princess Dorathy said she would instead advise people to limit the number of children they have. 

Her post reads, “Some of you motivational speakers saying don’t have children if you are broke would not have been born if your parents did same.

She further questioned if their fathers had money in the days while noting that some motivational speakers are from the poorest background but have made it.

Dorathy added that children are a gift from God, and these children change the narratives of their families.

She advised that people should learn to limit the number of kids they give birth to, especially if they are broke.

I would never advise anyone not to have children no matter their financial state, no be all poor men children Dey turn criminal, some poor men children today have elevated their Generation.

I can only say limit the number of kids you have, but to say don’t have kids because you are broke, I won’t support that,” She wrote.

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