Ifu Ennada Makes Case For Women

Controversial BBNaija alumni, Ifu Ennada makes case for women in light of trending gender and relationship discussions.

Taking the conversation to her Instagram, Ifu Ennada said that she believes women deserve more than they are getting. According to Ifu, women go through so much in life that they did not get accolades for.

Ifu Ennada Makes Case For Women

She said that if the roles were reversed, men would fail woefully at what women easily succeed. She wrote on Instagram,

Men & Women.

If men could be women for just 1wk, most will fall miserably at it. It is much harder to be a woman than it is to be a man.

Women are exceptional. Women should honestly be regarded as the stronger vessels. Women are built with a lot more patience and perseverance. Women are like Lionesses, they always get the job done.

Women go through a lot in life, but don’t get enough credit”.

Ifu Ennada Makes Case For Women 1
Ifu Ennada Makes Case For Women

The BBNaija star maintains that women are way stronger than men. The actress has a track record of voicing her opinions on the issue of gender and relationships.

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