Dangote Allegedly Sues Mistress Over Butt Photo

Nigerian billionaire business mogul and philanthropist, Aliko Dangote allegedly sues one of his mistress with the view to claiming damages for what is referred to as “battered reputation”.

This lawsuit is coming sometime after one of his American mistresses took to her social media with videos that included the billionaire’s bare backside sometime earlier this month.

Dangote allegedly sues mistress over damaged reputation

Mr Aliko Dangote allegedly sues for these charges in a court in Miami, Florida.

In the civil lawsuit, he is seeking compensation to the tune of $30,000. In an exciting twist, the case has been filed under a pseudonym, John Doe.

The pseudonym also bears the alias ‘DA’, which are initials for ‘Dangote Aliko’band the charges were filed against a woman identified as Autumn Spikes.

Spikes was on social media to reveal the lawsuit and attack Dangote with threats that he had taken the wrong turn by choosing to make the case public. She suggested that the billionaire risked having more embarrassing information about him exposed on the Internet as part of the suit.

The woman claimed that Mr Dangote had previously offered to pay her for her silence. She said she rejected the offer before he decided to take the matter to court.

She said they were in a relationship for almost a decade without a non-disclosure agreement in place to prevent her from speaking publicly about the affair.

Dangote Allegedly Sues Mistress Over Butt Photo
Dangote allegedly sues over damaged reputation: The Lawsuit

Posting on Instagram with the handle, Allarounda1, the woman posted a video of herself and Mr Dangote on a couch on January 1.

They appeared to be on a yacht when the mistress shot the video, but it showed Mr Dangote draped in an orange blanket, using his mobile phone while his butt was exposed.

The woman later took down the provocative images, and she claimed she had gotten many requests from bloggers to reveal more details about her affairs with Mr Dangote. She also insisted that she did not show their romance on social media in the pursuit of fame.

Later on, she remarked that she was trying to erase Dangote’s name from the earlier mess created by a certain Bea Lewis, who described herself as a restaurant operator in America.

Mr Dangote’s media aides have made no comments on the scandalous affairs that seemed to allude to the billionaire’s penchant for glowing American women. However, it is perhaps clear why Dangote allegedly sues his mistress.

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