Alleged Side Chick Gives More Details on Dangote’s Butt

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  • Details on Dangote's butt
  • Dangote's alleged side chick opens up

The alleged side-chick to Aliko Dangote, who is currently the richest man in Africa gives more details on her relationship with the billionaire. She also gives details on Dangote’s butt that made rounds on the internet when the news of their relationship hit the fan.

At the beginning of the year, an American entrepreneur known as Bea Lewis revealed that she dated Dangote when she was 33 and although she learnt useful business lessons, he shattered her heart in a 1000 pieces. Bea’s post reached the ends of the net and incurred all kinds of comments from internet users.

It was in response to Bea Lewis’s post that the Instagram model, allrounda shared her picture with Dangote as her way of marking her territory as his current girlfriend.

Alleged Side Chick Gives More Details On Dangote'S Butt
The picture that showed what seemed like Dangote’s butt

This picture saw Dangote sharing a blanked with the Miami based model, and a part of his butt was poking out. The post was where the dragging started as most convinced that the lady intentionally posted a picture of Dangote’s bare butt.

The billionaire launched the 2021 dragging season as Nigerians poked fun at the picture for days.

Miami-based lady gives details on Dangote’s butt story

In a recent Question and Answer session with her followers, allrounda cleared the air on the bare butt situation saying that what looked like Dangote’s butt was just his brown khaki shorts which was not an unusual outfit seeing how hot Miami is. Still, people assumed it was his butt and started spreading the rumours.

See her reply,

Alleged Side Chick Gives More Details On Dangote'S Butt
Alleged Side Chick Gives More Details On Dangote's Butt
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