Crossdresser Bobrisky Boasts of His Expensive Properties in Lagos

Popular crossdresser Bobrisky has revealed his expensive investments in Lagos state via his page on Snapchat.

Bobrisky revealed that he has probed into the oil and gas sector as he allegedly owns a petrol station in Lekki, Lagos while noting that he recently made the first payment for a hotel.

According to him, the hotel property is worth N800 million and is located in Lekki Phase 1. 

He further narrated how the property agent did not believe he wanted to buy the hotel until he made the first instalment of N230 million.

To back up his story, Crossdresser Bobrisky shared a photo of the payment receipt while he trolled people criticising him online, as he stated that he is turning the insults into money.

Crossdresser Bobrisky Boasts Of His Expensive Properties In Lagos
Receipt of Crossdresser Bobrisky’s property

Crossdresser Bobrisky Boasts of His Expensive Properties in Lagos

He said, “I have a gas station popularly known as Petroleum station in Lekki. My lawyer ask me not to share this information with no one. It is kept as a secret because we don’t want it known to the public yet. Many of you here in Lagos have bought fuel there.

The more you insult I get from people daily, I turn it to money, in your mind, you are laughing at me, yeah? But I am turning it into money as the smart girl that I am

“There is this hotel they want to sell in Lekki phase 1 for eight hundred million. When I told the guy I want to buy it, the guy was shocked. I told them I want to spread the payment for three months d guy didn’t believe until I make the first payment on the 11th.”

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