Cristiano Ronaldo Meets His Teenage Helper

Some weeks back Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo made it known that he had a really poor life growing up. Ronaldo spoke on how he slept for some nights without food when he was in Sporting Lisbon Academy. His saving grace then was leftover burgers he gets from three ladies who were working at McDonald’s Restaurant. Then he was just 11-12 years old, with no money. 

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Early life

Ronaldo grew up poor, having to share the same room with all three of his siblings. His football career started early on: he was already playing for the amateur team Andorinha from 1992 to 1995. He then spent two years with Nacional, and in 1997 he signed up with Sporting CP at the age of just 12. No matter how successful Ronaldo was, however, he never forgot his roots or the fact that he grew up poor and was always hungry.

Ronaldo, 34, was reduced to tears in an emotional interview on Tuesday night. He sat down with Piers Morgan and bravely spoke about several topics, including his humble childhood in Madeira.

Cristiano Ronaldo Meets His Teenage Helper
Young Cristiano Ronaldo in Sporting Lisbon of Portugal

In the same interview, Ronaldo said the McDonald restaurant was just opposite the stadium. He and some other boys would go to the restaurant and knock, asking if they have leftover burgers. There were at least three ladies who always helped them among the three he was able to remember one.

The Juventus star was in tears as he spoke about the death of his father, while he also talked about the embarrassment surrounding his recent rape allegations.

The Portuguese superstar had asked many people in Portugal about the ladies but nobody seemed to know where they are. He said if the interview can help him find the ladies he will be very happy because he wants to appreciate them. After the interview report came news that they may have the said “Edna” – one of the three girls Ronaldo talked about.

Edna meets Ronaldo

The lady they found said Cristiano and his friends come to ask for leftover burgers almost every night and Ronaldo was always shy. However, it later appears to be false. Piers Morgan said Paula Leca who said she was one of the ladies was lying. The lady who had served him free hamburger has finally revealed herself. She told reporters that she is very happy and grateful to God. Edna said she told her children about the incident but they always laugh and doubt her ever serving Ronaldo.

Adding to it, she said it happened a very long time ago “I never knew he will ever remember those incidents”.  “This is something that all happened a long time ago”. Edna’s full name is Edna Carina Emanuel Caldas, she claims to have gone on a coffee date with Ronaldo.

Ronaldo Fulfills His Promise

Ronaldo is set to fulfill his promise of taking them to Torin. No news about other ladies yet but this only tells us how important it is to help others.

A wise man once said, “help those you meet on your way up, for you don’t know who you will meet on your way down”. Edna will surely be established because of the good she did years ago to someone who looked like nothing then.

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