COVID-19: PTF Gives Reason Why Schools Might Be Shut Again

Tension and apprehension have heightened as the COVID-19 Presidential Task Force, PTF gives reasons why they will not hesitate to close schools down again.

PTF gives reason for possible shutdown of schools

The National Incident Manager of the PTF, Mukhtar Muhammed, made this known in a video he posted on the official Twitter handle of the PTF.

According to Muhammed, the reopening of schools is an issue that the PTF has discussed quite extensively. He pointed out that it was the States in particular that wanted the schools reopened.

Covid-19: Ptf Gives Reason Why Schools Might Be Shut Again
PTF gives reason for possible shutdown of schools

Now the PTF is closely monitoring the situation across the country, and if it is observed that the cases continue to rise and cases are being reported in schools, then they will be forced to shut the schools down yet again.

Muhammed said, ” In the first instance, we should have delayed opening of the schools, but now that the schools are opened, the PTF will continue to monitor very closely with all the schools to ensure that they institute measures and ensure that people follow as much as possible.”

It is yet to be seen whether or not the spike will die down anytime soon or continue to surge, but one would imagine that the latter might, unfortunately, be the case, as so many Nigerians have continued to flout COVID-19 health regulations with reckless abandon.

Just yesterday in Abuja, the capital of the country, Wuse market, UTC, and Murg plaza were all shut down and have remained shut till now because they were found guilty of violating the health regulations.

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