COVID-19: Pictures From Locked Wuse Market in Abuja

The second wave of COVID-19 and its major impact on the country and the health sector has caused the government to take drastic measures to see that the virus’s spread is well mitigated.

COVID-19: Abuja shuts down markets, arrests offenders

Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, enforced this drastic action, as an Abuja mobile court shut the popular Wuse market. As well as the Wuse market, UTC and Murg Shopping malls were also shut down.

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Alongside the shutdown, over 100 people were arrested for not wearing face masks by the enforcement team set aside to apprehend such people.

Covid-19: Pictures From Locked Wuse Market In Abuja
Deserted market areas

All this is coming just under a week after President Muhammadu Buhari signed the COVID-19 Health Protection Regulations 2021. The same was ratified by the FCTA three days ago.

The people arrested for the violations were fined N2000 each and were given an option of community service for two weeks.

Covid-19: Pictures From Locked Wuse Market In Abuja
Shut gates at the plaza

Wuse market and the other places shut down now appear deserted, as the usual hustle and bustle are quite visibly absent.

Shoppers who regularly patronised these shopping hubs and were unaware of the new development were served a rude shock when they arrived at these places and were denied entry or met by locked gates.

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