Containing 1st Coronavirus Case In Nigeria

Containing the first confirmed Coronavirus also known as COVID-19 case in Nigeria is the is suppose to be the agenda of the Federal Ministry of Health, and all medical practitioners across the nation, including the Sub- Saharan Africa at this time. 

Nigerians woke up to the news that the first Coronavirus case has been confirmed on an Italian citizen but works in Nigeria. The victim was said to have come into Nigeria Tuesday, February 23, 2020.

Nigeria And Italy Flags
Nigeria and Italy Flags

Questions to Ask About the victim if the Coronavirus Spread Can Be Nipped

What is the real name of this victim?

Where did he fly in from?

Were there precautionary measures at the airport where he boarded the plane?

Which airline flew him into Nigeria?

How many people did he have contact with on the plan?

Since Tuesday that he go into Nigeria, where has he been to, and how many people has he had contact with?

Those are some of the questions Nigerians are asking since the news of the first confirmed Coronavirus case broke.

What is the Real Name of the Victim?

The real name of the victim has not been revealed by the hospital authorise of the Federal Ministry of Health. The only solid information about his identity revealed so far from the Minister of Health, Osagie Ehanire, is that he is from Milan, Italy.

Where Did He Fly in From?

Information also has it that this Coronavirus victim identified in Nigeria came into the country on Tuesday, February 25, 2020 on the compilation of his business trip in Italy his country.

Were There Precautionary Measures at The Italian Airport?

With the alarming rate at which the Coronavirus has been spreading across different countries across the world, many airports have been recorded to have taken diverse precautionary measures to nip the spread of the virus.

 Reports show that Italy is one of the European countries where the Coronavirus is ravaging and the fourth country in the world with the highest number of comfermed cases. About Three hundred and twenty-six confirmed cases and about eleven deaths in Italy already, strict cautionary measures are expected at their airports, seaports, train stations, and borders.

How effective these are at these different points in Italy, remains a thing to find out.

Which Airline Flew Him Into Nigeria?

Flying in from Italy into Nigeria could not have been possible without going through the air, so let’s find out the airline this Coronavirus victim patronised? How many persons have boarded that aircraft after Tuesday when it was used to fly in this victim? Who else has used the seat this victim sat on, while onboard?

How many countries has that particular aircraft touched with passengers since the victim was transported into Nigeria?

Milan Bergamo Airport
Milan Bergamo Airport

How many people did he have contact with on the plan?

Considering the fact that we get to meet, greet, hug, and fraternise daily, then we should really be thinking about how many persons he met and had personal contact with at the airport and onboard?

Since Tuesday Who and Where Has the Victim Been to In Nigeria?

Knowing that this victim is a businessman, how many persons has he touched since then? Who are his immediate family members in Italy and here in Nigeria? Who are his colleagues, his neighbours, and his friends?

After highlighting some of the questions needed to be asked in a bid to nip the spread of Coronavirus in Nigeria, how then do we track the persons he has had contacts with?

Can all of them be traced? Will all of them be ready to be quarantined? 

How effective are the measures but in place by the Nigerian Government?

Days ago, the Federal Government said it had put in place measures at the Lagos State airport which can spot persons with abnormally high body temperature which is one of the symptoms of the manifestation of the Coronavirus. But with equipment reported to have been put in place at the

Are our facilities well equipped to handle this case and others if the need arises? It would be recalled that the World Health Organisation, (WHO) had raised an alarm that the health structure in Africa might not be capable to respond to the dreaded Coronavirus. 

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