Chioma’s Bestie, Naomi Throws Major Shade

It seems like there was no end to this ongoing relationship drama between Chioma Rowland and Davido as Chioma’s bestie, Naomi, throws major shade in the middle of the saga.

Chioma’s Bestie, Naomi Throws Major Shade

Naomi, also known to some as K Doll, has been best friends with Chioma for years, even before she got together with Davido, so it is no surprise that she will stand solidly behind her girl through thick and thin.

Taking to her Instagram stories @nayomee_xx, Naomi shared some quotes that came of as heavy shade as the story of Davido, Chioma and Mya Yafai unfolds. She posted a tweet from Justinlaboy that said,

“It doesn’t matter who looks better, whose pussy is better, who has more going for herself… A nigga is going to love who he loves…#Respectfully”.

Chioma'S Bestie, Naomi Throws Major Shade 1

in between videos of herself she put up another that said,

” A man that needs multiple women is unhappy with himself”.

Chioma'S Bestie, Naomi Throws Major Shade 2

Pictures and video clips from Chioma and Naomi Kiku showed that they spent last night together, hence suggesting that she might be referring to Chioma’s alleged ex-fiance, Davido.


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