Davido Reacts Amid Relationship Saga

The past week has had Davido and his love life at the centre of gossip news as different takes are being given but finally, Davido reacts amid relationship saga.

The Nigerian pop star was recently pictured kissing his rumoured new girlfriend, Mya Yafai to the dismay of many who rooted for him and his one-time lover, Chioma Rowland.

These kissing pictures caused a lot of backlash for Davido and Mya Yafai who had to disable her instagram page because she could not bear the heat. Davido on the other hand is no stranger to internet bashing so he kept mum until late last night when he posted his reaction.

Davido Reacts Amid Relationship Saga

Using his Instagram stories, the singer posted a very popular gif of Homer from the ‘Simpsons’ animation awkwardly disappearing into a thick bush. This meme is usually applied when people are in a fix and do not want to actively deal with it.

Davido Reacts Amid Relationship Saga 1
Davido Reacts Amid Relationship Saga

All parties involved in this saga have not made any direct statements addressing the issues on ground leaving the fans to continue with assumptions.

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