Chinese Restaurant In Lagos Refuses To Serve Nigerians

As sad as it is; Nigerians are not allowed to enter or order food at a racist Chinese restaurant called Shi Shi in Lagos. The restaurant is located on 21B, Emina Crescent, Off Toyin Street, Ikeja, Lagos.

Furthermore, some Nigerians have taken to social media to post about the restaurant; complaining that only Chinese are allowed entry. Although findings showed that Nigerians and other Blacks are allowed patronage if they are accompanied by a Chinese.

To confirm, a punchng correspond correspondent visited the restaurant on Tuesday; he was accosted by a guard in Army combat camouflage and prevented from entering the restaurant.

“Who are you looking for?” the guard, a Nigerian, asked.

The correspondent responded that he wanted to order a Chinese cuisine; but the guard said the correspondent was not allowed in the restaurant.

Additionally, the correspondent was quickly escorted out of the premises.
It was gathered that the Chinese restaurant operates from 11am to 4pm daily.

Also when the PUNCH Correspondent sought to speak with the manager of the restaurant, he was told the manager was not around.

“Since you’ve dropped your card, I can assure you that he will call you to respond to your questions.”

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