Childhood Games Everyone Still Loves As Adults

Playing games has never been something that comes to an end. Childhood games last in our memories longer than you can imagine. 

There are some games you might even still play today as adults and wont mind looking silly doing it. Some of these games are predominant in certain parts of the country and may go as different names. 


I was the queen of this game. However, losing wasn’t really in my radar. Playing this game required a very open and wide field. You would need more than 3 players, the more the merrier.

A huge circle is drawn on the sand, then split like a pie to accommodate the amount of players. Further, names are chosen, whatever the theme may be; Names of countries, names of food, names of states, sometimes even numbers.

Everyone stands on his spot ready to run as far as possible. And then the person starting the game shout the name of the person he/she wants. While, others run to get as far away, the one chosen, stands in the middle and says stop.

Everyone has to stop on their tracks. The one called out then choses the person closest to him and attempts to use 5 steps to catch him/her.

Catching the closest person varies though, in some parts the one called out has to use an item to hit the person closest to him.

The game then resets with the person called out calling another saying the words “I call on!”


Childhood Games Everyone Still Loves As Adults 1

This game always gets me pumped (I don’t think there’s any game that doesn’t get me excited), I played a lot as a child. 

This game has various names around the country depending, so you can leave what you know it as in the comment section below. 

Multiple players 2 or 3 players are required to play this game. It tests your balance and precision. 

When starting the game you draw 8 boxes; 2 at the top, 1 in the middle, another 2 below it, then three in a vertical order.

A stone or pebble is thrown on the bottom box, that box is skipped and you hop on top of all the other boxes; avoiding the lines and tripping on one leg.

The winner is gotten by a person being able to go round all boxes without tripping or throwing your pebble outside the line.

I remember kicking off my shoes and playing with my younger ones over the weekend. Its fun to reminisce about the fun times.

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