Check Out How Yemi Alade Wants to Sanitize Covid-19

Singer, Yemi Alade have got a way of staying healthy and safe from covid-19. It is no longer news that the outbreak of Coronavirus has really caused havoc worldwide making government and other health agencies to sensitize its citizens on the deadly virus. The word ‘Isolation’, ‘Quarantine’, and ‘Sanitize’ have been used regularly in the past few weeks. The later is very important to stay safe from the virus; we have to keep our environment clean and make personal hygiene a priority.

Hand sanitizers is a major tool these days as the virus can be contacted through hugging, handshakes among other means. If you don’t use sanitizers what else can you use to be hygienic this period? Well, Nigerian singer Yemi Alade has got another option to stay safe and healthy.

Check Out How Yemi Alade Wants To Sanitize Covid-19
Yemi Alade Wants Love

Yemi Alade aka Mama Africa through her Twitter account @yemialade gave something different this time. The ‘Sekere’ crooner humorously tweeted ‘sanitize me with your love o’ ending the tweet with a laugh and smile emoji.

The Headies Award 2019 best performer winner have got her fans talking with the tweet. In her later post on social media platforms, the energetic dancer and singer implored her fans and followers to sanitize. In a skit that she was featured, the artist said ‘everybody sanitize o’.

It is now left to her fans and followers to figure out how to sanitize; maybe through the use of sanitizers or love as she has tweeted.

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