Cheating Scandal: Oritsefemi and Wife Make U-Turn

Barely a month after their last cheating scandal, Oritsefemi and wife, Nabila have decided to smoke the peace pipe.

Oritsefemi and Wife Make U-Turn After Cheating Scandal

Oritsefemi shared a video clip of him and his wife on his Instagram stories, letting on that they had settled whatever issues they had in their intimacy. In the video made on Sunday the 28th of February 2021, the two were seen eating out and having fun. He captioned the post, ‘My beautiful Nabila.’

Cheating Scandal: Oritsefemi And Wife Make U-Turn 1
Oritsefemi and wife reconcile after cheating scandal

Just three weeks ago, Nabila called out her husband on Instagram for bringing his mistress into their matrimonial home and even went ahead to launch a search for the said lady.

As more drama unfolded, Nabila Fash confirmed the accusations her friend, Kara, laid on Oritsefemi sometime ago. Kara wrote that she was thankful Nabila had seen what she was trying to say all along, sighting that as his former manager, there were times she would almost physically fight to get him to behave.

All that now seems to be a story of the past as the couple has reconciled despite all the drama. This is their second reconciliation in four months as they had a similar fight in October.

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