Catholic Bishop, Kukah, Suggests Criteria for 2023 President

Matthew Kukah, Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, spells out the required criteria for the best man for 2023 Presidential Election which is just months away from now.

Seeing that several candidates vying for the same position have started declaring their interests ahead of the party primaries billed to hold soon, the Catholic Bishop took time out to outline some qualities anyone aspiring to take over from President Muhammadu Buhari.

BishopKukah, without holding any word back, stated clearly that the Buhari-led administration had failed Nigerians, adding that the citizens should be wise enough to make the right decision when selecting their next leader.

Bishop Kukah Blasts APC Leadership

While delivering his Easter message, yesterday, the Bishop stressed that this APC-led government is a tragedy that has befallen the country and inflicted untold pains and sufferings on its people.

He then resolved to the notion that the next candidate to grasp power at the top level must be a man or woman with a heart, a sense of empathy and a soul on fire that can set limits to what human indignities visited on citizens.

He further hinted that such an individual must have the ability to address key societal issues and have zero tolerance for terrorism and indiscriminate killings in the land.

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