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Catholic church arguably recognised as one of the first in the history of Christianity around the world, yet, a very shocking revelation has emerged from the secret activities of the ancient fellowship in France.

The first day he stood at the pulpit to deliver his first sermon, his greatest fear was if the audience could see the sweat dripping down his trousers because of how nervous he was. He tried to speak but his voice was nowhere to be found not until he saw the love of his life Rita… Rita Ugwu

. On their way towards the exit, Nkechi walked in front of Rita and just before she left the edge of the roof Rita pushed her off the rooftop and she fell to her death. Rita invited her for a meeting alright but it wasn’t to offer care and support.

Her eyes begged him for mercy but he had none to give, so her heart prayed hard to the God that she came there to find but there was no answer. She was left to fight a losing battle. A battle that left her violated and debased, feeling worthless and mortified because of the decision she made that morning to go to church.