Can the Stepping Down of Chelsea Top-officials Affect the Team?

The constant stepping down of Chelsea officials has gotten to the point where fans have asked questions. Questions like, is Chelsea collapsing or are they rebuilding? And if they are rebuilding is this the best way to rebuild with top officials stepping down. The resignation of their former goalkeeper who was the technique and performance advisor Petre Cech.

Why are Chelsea Officials Stepping Down?

The former Chelsea and Arsenal short stopper is the latest official in the club to step down. The Czech Republic man did not give any reason as to why he is stepping down. He just took to his social media handle and wrote: “It has been a huge privilege to perform this role at Chelsea for the past three years. With the Club under new ownership, I feel now is the right time for me to step aside. I am pleased that the Club is now in an excellent position with the new owners, and I am confident of its future success both on and off the pitch.”

Big Trouble For Chelsea As Petr Cech Steps Down
Can the Stepping Down of Chelsea Top-officials Affect the Team?

The club’s new owner Todd Boehly, who is also the chairman confirmed the news and said: “Petr is an important member of the Chelsea family. We understand his decision to step away and thank him for his contributions as an advisor and his commitment to the club and our community. We wish him the best.”

Petre Cech stepped down on Monday morning and he became the latest official to step down after the resignation of Marina Granovskaia. sporting director Marina Granovskaia was the club’s sporting director, she stepped down last week and she was the second person to step down since the new take-over by Todd Boehly.

Bruce Buck was the chairman of the club and he was the first to step down. He stepped down a few months after the club’s new management took over.

Can The Stepping Down Of Chelsea Top-Officials Affect The Team?

After he stepped down as the club’s chairman, the new owner took the position. Todd Boehly was the new club’s chairman. Following the trend of their top officials stepping down, Chelsea fans are worried and asking what is happening. The which is yet to make any signing even though they have let two top players leave.

It is believed the club is rebuilding but questions are that is this the best way to rebuild by letting top officials leave the club at such a time as this. Others are saying the recent trend may be triggered by finance. Todd Boehly earlier stated that he will not spend the way the former owner did which means a release of funds will be hard this time. People have been asking if the officials leaving are leaving because of the information made by the new owner.

Marina resigned and will, however, “remain available” to the club for the duration of the summer transfer window to help with the transition. “As custodians of Chelsea FC, we now begin executing our long-term vision and plan for the club, creating an outstanding experience for its passionate, loyal fans and continuing to challenge for top honours in line with Chelsea FC’s decorated history,” said Boehly.

He also said: “Working together, side-by-side, we are firmly committed to winning, both on and off the pitch. For us, that effort has begun.”

Can The Stepping Down Of Chelsea Top-Officials Affect The Team?

Chelsea will need a more trustworthy people to bring back the kind of influence they have built over the years with the departure of the officials. It is however also believed that the club will scale through this difficult stage of the club.

The club is yet to make a deal yet they seem not bothered. Even though they are closing in on Manchester City star player Raheem Sterling, they will need to sign at least two central defenders following the departure of Antonio Rudiger and Christiansen.

The most experienced defender in the club presently is Thiago Silva and he is very aged, the club will need to sign new players to take over from him. But with the way things are unfolding, they will need to let some players go which means they will still lose more players. Will this stepping down of their top officials affect the team? This question will only get an answer when the league starts in August.

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