Businessman Wale Jana Lectures Women on How to Find Good Men

Businessman Wale Jana, CEO Sapphire group, has informed women on the best way to get a good man to marry while he posted a picture of himself with his wife.

The businessman Wale Jana, via his social media page noted that what you speak is what you get while urging women to desist from the narrative, which implies that “Men are scum.”

Read what he wrote below.

“Many ladies just say this but deep down they really hope to meet a good man and settle down but words are powerful, you will see what you say. It’s possible you have met a lot of wrong men but if you believe you will meet a good man start saying it.

Say things like “there are good men out there and the right one will find me”

Another thing I have noticed is that many women don’t believe they deserve a good man. YOU DO! You deserve to be happy, you deserve to be loved, you deserve all the good things this life has to offer!

Whatever you believe and say will eventually come towards you. Do you believe that you deserve a good man? Do you believe you deserve a relationship where you will be treated with love and respect? Say it and you will attract it!

Please share so that others can be blessed as you are blessed.

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