Staring a business usually is hindered by capital availability. So here are three sectors you could look at for businesses you can start with 100k or less.

Becoming financially independent is one of the new goals required for your sanity. Imagine having to make money while doing what you love. Ok I know about all the talks going on about not everyone wants to run a business and how it is not meant for everyone. It is also a thing that not everyone is meant to run a business. But hey, just incase you might want to start something small with little capital as low as a #100k, then this might be for you. Some of the sectors you could look at to start something as of today.


People will always eat food, organize events and will always want to be taken care of so basically this sector will always have high demand. Some of the businesses in this sector could be starting a smoothie business, starting a little food business like home and office delivery and events, events planning, baking and sale of pastries for parties’ birthdays and all that stuff. You could think of where you want to start and in what form. Be rest assured that with proper planning, you could start with a 100k or less.

Another angle to consider in the hospitality business is the cleaning business. Be it office, home or industrial cleaning, there might be something in there for you.


It is no longer news that the fashion industry has proven to be a breeding ground for millions of businesses. So if you are looking to get into sale of fashion items both male and female, this is something for you. You could also try using social media to carry out your business. There are several wholesale and retails deals available for everything in fashion. Get your hands on them already and get started.

You could try production too. Make sure to focus on production on demand. There is also the fragrance business here. That is also a way out.


Personally I am a “don’t dirty me” kind of person but hey, money has to be made. Seeking out a business in this sector is important as there will always be demand for food and everything “agric”. You could start with little productions like the poultry, fishery etc. Retailing of these products and their by products is a sure source of income.

These businesses are not set on stone to be the only profitable businesses as that to a large extent depends on your planning and management. But they will, if all things being equal, always have high demand. So get to work already.

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