Burna Boy: What @nemebriella said About Attack on Her Partner

Burna Boy’s controversial club incident is still causing concern among fans and the actual party of fun-seekers caught in the middle of the whole tragedy.

The sad incident that occurred at Club Cubana sited on Victoria Island, where a man and his friend were attacked by BurnaBoy’s security details, finally dragged the lady in the centre of the whole chaos out to speak her piece on the matter.

Known as @nemebriella on Instagram, the lady whose man was allegedly shot by the officers on Wednesday, June 8, revealed that she declined from accepting the musician’s approach, but that he decided not to back down and insisted that he wanted her attention at the Very Important Person, the VIP section of the club.

Burna Boy: What @Nemebriella Said About Attack On Her Partner
Burna Boy: What @nemebriella said About Attack on Her Partner

What She said About Burna Boy

On Sunday night, the said lady broke her silence as she took to her Instagram page to tell her side of the story of how the famous artiste’s aides attacked her partner and friends, adding that she was only visiting Nigeria for a friend’s wedding when the shooting happened.

Briella noted that the club security intervened and things were slowly going back to normal when another fight broke out among Burna Boy’s friends.

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