Burna Boy Apoligises Profusely Over Tweet After Deleting It (See Copy)

Nigerian musician, Burna Boy has apoligised to a Twitter user who dragged him on Twitter for a post he made about the #EndSARS protest and the new dimension it seemed to him that it was taking.

He had made a tweet in the afternoon of Thursday, 23 where he raised an alarm about some Fulani men going on rampage and asking questions about why the protest was going in a tribal conflict way.

After he was called out by a Twitter user, Abubakar Hidima Ph.D.@Realoilsheikh, who said Burna Boy’s tweet was offensive.

“This is your @burnaboy and his expressive hypocrisy born out of bigotry & rancor. He deleted the tweet though, but it has been saved. Then see his second tweet in the 2nd frame.”

Tweet Calling Out Burna Boy
Tweet Calling Out Burna Boy

However in a swift response, Burna Boy apologised for his tweet despite that he had deleted it even before he was called out.

“This is from the bottom of my soul. I did not mean any harm by what I said. I sincerely apologise for coming across that way. I’m already in a dark place inside. You are my Brother and I LOVE YOU. Please don’t be offended. We are all hurt, angry, afraid and confused right now.”

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