Building Collapse: LASG Prevents Houses above 3-Storey in Ebutte Meta

Following the incessant building collapse recorded in various parts of Lagos State, including the recent incident at Ebutte Meta, the Government has clearly stated it will no longer grant any approval in the area for a structure that goes beyond three storey.

The storey-building restrictions would for the time being, cut across Ebutte Meta East and West, as the action is taken to put a halt to collapse of houses in the area, and Lagos in general.

According to the Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development in the state, Dr. Idris Salakohe, he said the directive from the Lagos State Government, LASG, is immediately followed up with an audit of buildings in the area to help with the implementation aspect.

The commissioner hinted that the low-lying nature of Ebute-Metta and its negative impact on some of the buildings, most of which showed serious defects, made it mandatory for the government to apply special measures to save lives and property.

He said the Lagos State Physical Planning Permit Authority, LASPPPA, has already been instructed to put a stop to applications requesting for building permits that allows the construction of houses above three storey.

Salami, however, called for the understanding of stakeholders in the state, saying the decision was taken in the best interest of the people living in the area.

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