Heavy Traffic in Agbede Road, Edo State, Nigeria

Traffic in Nigeria roads during the Christmas period is something else especially in the major roads that connect the southern part to the Northern part of the country. It has indeed become a regular routine experiencing heavy traffic situations in Nigeria roads during the festive period, especially in the Christmas season. However, there has been a lot of contributing factors that can testify to be the cause of the heavy traffic situation.

All the contributing factors resulted in why the Federal Road Safety Corps has emphasized on various insightful cautions. Among these include that more than 20 children and several others have been injured from road accidents recorded during the Christmas holiday. And has also warned all drivers during this period especially to ensure safety.

Agbede Traffic Heavy Traffic In Agbede Road, Edo State, Nigeria
Heavy Traffic in Agbede Road, Edo State, Nigeria

On-going now is the Agbede Road traffic in Edo State. This is a major road for commuters that are traveling to the South-south and South-western part of the country. Today being the December 22, 2019, the traffic in this particular location is an eye saw.  The traffic has however not only made the journey a hectic one but has also caused discomfort and distress among travelers. On the cause of the heavy traffic on the Agbede Road that has made lots of commuters to be stranded and worried.  

At the Scene in Agbede Traffic Heavy Traffic In Agbede Road, Edo State, Nigeria 2
Heavy Traffic in Agbede Road, Edo State, Nigeria

At the scene of the traffic, I discovered that it was caused by a coalition of two tanker drivers who were driving recklessly on the road. One of the tankers has its tank filled with the premium motor spirit (fuel) which was seen gushing out from the tanker. Hence resulting to a total stoppage of on-coming vehicles which invariably resulted in the heavy traffic. The accident is believed to have happened at the early hours of yesterday being December 21, 2019, at about 3:30 am.

 Though it has lingered to now and have resulted to heavy traffic which is affecting travelers. However, those that will be using this route should take note and probably seek and ply alternative routes to avoid be held in the growing traffic. Although, the Nigeria Federal Road Safety Corps, Nigeria Police, Local Vigilante and commuters are trying to resolve the issue. They all have their hands on deck trying to move the Tankers aside to ensure a free flow of traffic.    

Causes of Heavy Traffic in Nigeria Road

Having highlighted the above information, it will not be out of place to bring to notice the major causes of heavy Traffic in our roads. The following causes have without a doubt been a product of research and are visible. Among the causes of heavy traffic in Nigeria roads especially during the Christmas period includes:

  1. Accidents
  2. Bad Roads
  3. Single lane
  4. Spoilt Vehicles
  5. Impatience

Et cetera

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