Boarding Schools And What They Instilled In Most Adults

It’s common in Nigeria for children to attend boarding schools. Sometimes parents have many reasons why they leave their children in boarding schools.

For some, time at work doesn’t give them enough chance to know about what or where their kids are, but boarding schools give them a chance to know their kids are in safe hands.

Some parents, leave their kids in boarding schools well, because their kids are too naughty and they want strong discipline on that child.

For whatever the reason is or may be. The thing is boarding schools are always a time to reminisce about.

Here are some things that boarding schools have instilled in most adults today.

#1. Timing

As most boarders know, timing is everything in boarding schools. Theres a bell or Gong for everything, when it time for dinning or classes, even labor and our various extra curricular activities.

Be it as it may, as juniors we are often rushed to those places, and over a course of time, we get used to doing whats meant to be done on time so when we move to the next activity we aren’t late.

Over the course of your years in a boarding school you get accustomed to the timing and once you leave. It wont be difficult for you to keep up with the fast pace of the real world.

#2. Organization

When starting off as a junior in secondary school. It’s hard to admit but most of us were disorganized. I remember my parents buying 3 uniforms in my first term in school.

However, as you go older and get wiser in other terms. You become more organized. It’s not cool being a senior and you are dirty or scattered leaves a bad impression on your juniors and forms disrespect.

#3. Leadership.

no matter the kind of person you are, there comes a time in every boarders life where they have to take on certain responsibilities.

When you become a senior in a boarding school, there are kids you have to look after and responsibilities you need to take care of.

If at then you cant handle the coordinating of the juniors, then you need to work on yourself. Leadership doesn’t necessarily mean the Head Boy or Head Girl of the school, but there are other responsibilities that are given to other students.

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