Blackish: Addressing black culture in America

Blackish is an American sitcom created by Kenya Baris that premiered in September of 2014. 

When I first saw the announcement for new shows like Blackish in 2013, I was a bit skeptical. The title of the show alone made me shudder a little. The first reason was the casting choice for the main character Anthony Anderson. Anthony has had a decent career over the years; and then went off to star in a bunch of Hollywood bombs. My mind went back to his most recent sitcom “Guys With Kids” that got axed in it’s first season. That show had a very irredeemable plot and terrible dialogue from his character; but I guess he had to work with what he was given. Another concern I had was that the show was going to get repetitive; filled with recycled jokes slapstick comedy & tired gags. Even after watching the first episode, I still wasn’t sold. However, I decided to give blackish another shot and it indubitably won me over.

This show follows the struggles of an upper-middle-class African-American family who live in a predominantly white suburb of Los Angeles.

– The Juice

Although, it has been labelled as “too black” whatever that means. The actors do a fantastic job, their chemistry is impressive; you would think they were an actual family with their daily exploits being recorded. Nevertheless, I applaud it’s satirical take on the problems facing the black community in America and the whole world in general. Blackish is never afraid to ask questions and raise discussion which the average American Joe would find too akward or uncomfortable to talk about. Kenya Barris, through his creative mind uses these characters to break all the clichés and stereotypes about black people in America; while looking at the issues facing an upper class black family. I’m not saying these hasn’t already been done in other movies or TV show; but Bariss’ comical approach and great writing from the show writers is what makes it stand out.

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