Big Brother VS Ultimate Love, Head to Head Differences

Big Brother VS Ultimate Love will be the search currently on google, which is better and which will profit more? All these questions to be answered as we proceed. Monopoly helps in business, and in whatever you do, then the battle for your survival and relevance begins when you have a rival. This seems to be what it is for Big Brother Naija with the introduction of Ultimate love; a reality show meant to help single Nigerians find love.

One will wonder, can this new show threaten the relevance of Big Brother Naija, with numerous questions asked about its significance? Are they rivals? What do they have in stock, and how different are they in content, concept, and morals. Because of this, we have come up with the article Big Brother vs. Ultimate Love.

Khafi And Gedoni

Many people have described Big Brother Naija as a winner takes all show, where the winner automatically takes almost all the goodies on the table. Since this is the first episode of the Ultimate Love show, all eyes are on it to see the strict adherence to the morals highlighted, but much can be said about Big Brother Naija. Below are the differences we can get from Big Brother vs. Ultimate Love.

Big Brother vs Ultimate Love (Big Brother Naija)

Bigbrother Nigeria

In 2006 Big Brother Naija started by bringing housemates together in an isolated house and was bit with criticisms on what it promotes in a society that places a premium on religion and traditions. The first episode of Big Brother Naija was for 92 days, between March 2 and June 4. Katung Aduwak won it. Then the program hit the rock and was stopped for about ten years but resurrected in 2017. At its return on January 22, it lasted for 77 days, thereby ending on April 9. Efe Ejeba emerged winner of the second edition on the reality show.

Then in 2018, the African screens hosted the reality show again between January 28 to April 22. For 85 days, the housemates did all the could, employing different strategies in a bid to take home the eye-popping prize. Miraculously, Miracle Igbokwe emerged joining the league of victors from the show.

Bambam And Teddy

In what now seems like an annual thing, the reality show returned on August 8, spanning 99 days. The viewers kept in suspense until the last day when Mercy Eke was announced the winner of the contest — making her the first female ever to win the competition. Winners on Big Brother Naija always go home with mouth-watering prizes like money, cars, endorsements, all-expense-paid trips, but they vary for each episode.

Big Brother vs Ultimate Love (Ultimate Love)

Big Brother Vs Ultimate Love, Head To Head Differences 1

On the other hand, Ultimate Love started on Sunday, February 9, 2020, with 16 housemates brought under an isolated roof. The organizers have stressed that the contest is going to last for two months within which they are expected to find love. The program aims to see how well the housemates can know themselves and pick partners, with the ultimate purpose of getting married.
Stick warnings have been handed to the housemates against sexual activities, stressing that adult scenes will not be allowed on the shown.

During the two months that the housemates will be spending on the show, their goal is to be to find love for a forever happy ever after. According to the host, the winning team will also get a sponsored traditional wedding, a fully furnished apartment if they get married, and other prizes yet to be announced.
More will be seen about the new reality TV show in days to come.

Big Brother VS Ultimate Love

Sexual intimacy was a no go area on BBNiaja, but the organizers of Ultimate Love has drawn a thick line between sexuality and finding love. The announcement was made several by the hosts, stressing that the housemates are on the show to find love and not to play around. This has been the main reason the morality of BBNaija remains questionable by so many people. Many religious adherents have frowned at adult scenes made public on BBNaija and have remained a topic of heated discussions among people who believe the show has betrayed African culture.

As much as the housemates on the two reality shows are made to live under the same roof in an isolated house, BBNaija is a show where housemates fight to emerge victorious personally. However, on Ultimate Love, it is a team fight, where the couple with the highest vote will be crowned winners. Though there are occasions where people get entangled in a romantic relationship on BBNaija, no matter how far their love affair goes on, the show the battle remains personal.

Big Brother Vs Ultimate Love, Head To Head Differences 2

Despite the independence of the housemates on show, there is an eye stock on them that never sleeps. On BBNaija, Big Brother watches all the housemates and judges their conduct. He monitors the relationships between the housemates and refuses to sleep for the duration of the show. But on Ultimate Love, they have Aunty. Aunty is the moderator that regulates the activities of the housemates and decides what they do per time.

Unlike BBNaija, housemates of the opposite sex are not allowed to sleep or bath in the same room. The privacy of the housemates seems to be a highlight on Ultimate love, which might be said to be the reason for the considerations given to need to respect the sexes of the housemates. Also, there is not a bathing hour on Ultimate Love? The importance of this is, however, not yet known.

For the housemates on Ultimate Love, the two months they are to spend in the Love Pad might be bearable with the opportunity given to them to what with their family members. This is one of the reasons no matter how short the duration of BBNaija might be; it will always feel like forever. It is no news that no housemate of BBNaija is allowed to relate with anyone than fellow housemates and Big Brother. When asked what they miss most, many of them say their mobile phones.

There are speculations that the Ultimate Love housemates are allowed to have a chat with their relatives so that they ensure they are on the same page with them on the choice of partner they have made on the show? Agreeing to this is better said to be based on a personal view.

Sundays are not always good days for the contestants on BBNaija because of evictions mostly on that day. It is a day tears flow in the house, emotions are betrayed, and enemies are well identified. But it is unlikely if there will be evictions on Ultimate Love. It has been announced that the couple with the highest number of votes will be crowned winner, but hints have not been given on whether there will be evictions.

The high BBNaija is going home with the cash prize and other prizes, including stardom, but it is not the same on Ultimate Love. On Ultimate Love, just as the same posits love it the Ultimate goal. Marriage is the primary purpose and objective of the show because the prizes in line to be won are targeted at promoting marriage between the winning couple. The organizers of Ultimate Love say the winning couple will have their traditional wedding sponsored and also get a well-furnished apartment if they get married, plus other prizes to be announced in the course of the show.

This has drawn a thick line between the two reality shows. However, stardom might also await the housemates of Ultimate Love after spending the two months expected of them. All eyes are on Ultimate Love to see if its organizers will be able to sustain the morality that’s is seemingly promoted on the show. This will be a vast difference between the two reality shows. Then the big question will be, is Ultimate Love here to stay? With the difference, you can see in the Big Brother VS Ultimate Love article, which do you think is better? Do well to drop your comment and view.

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