Do you feel like you possess something that prevents you from getting as much activity with the ladies as you want? All you may need is a boost of confidence. Here are some tips about some of the guys’ most common concerns when it comes to dating denial.

My package is too small

Guys who are afraid they don’t measure up below the belt may have had the awful experience of losing a lover even after bringing them home for some fun. However, there are plenty of options for guys who are on the smaller side down there. 

I am short

Short guys don’t have it easy. Many women simply prefer taller guys, and wearing heels to the bar just isn’t an option. However, just because you’re a few inches under the average doesn’t mean you have to give up on your bedroom prospects. You can compensate for your height by turning up the charm and confidence. Shorter men who hold their heads high and don’t let it get them down will appear bigger just by their attitude.

I am a geek

Guys who feel they are too geeky should think twice some girls simply adore a guy who knows his Star Wars trivia. However, guys who feel like it’s a struggle to talk to a woman have a few options as well. Practice runs should never be overlooked. See if one of your female friends will head out on a fake date with you so you can practice your conversational skills.

I’m out of shape

You’ve tried diet and exercise, but you still can get rid of that little belly? Not to fear, not every man can have abs. If you don’t have the most impressive physique, rest assured there are plenty of women out there who like men with a little more meat on their bones. The worst thing you can do is try to pretend that you have the body, so skip the tight T-shirt and skinny jeans. Instead, wear clothes that fit, and you’ll exude confidence and sexiness.