BBTitans S1: Nana’s Sex Life, Possible Reason for Multiple Nomination from Housemates


Nana earned herself the title of the most nominated housemate for possible eviction yesterday after the head-of-house game. After the whole house had finished nominating the housemate they wanted to be evicted Nana had a total of ten nominations almost double of the number the person after her. Justin was the other housemate who had many nominations as he had six nominations.

The question now is why was Nana nominated more than the other housemates? Answering this question many have widely speculated that it is because she might be a major threat, but the most interesting is the fact that she is bisexual. Also during her opening speech on Sunday, She said: “I will purposefully step on people’s toes.”

Bbtitans S1: Nana'S Sex Life, Possible Reason For Multiple Nomination From Housemates
BBTitans S1: Nana's Sex Life, Possible Reason for Multiple Nomination from Housemates

The dairy season started today and Biggie asked why the housemates who were called for the diary season why nominated Nana. Tsatsii seemed to suggest to biggie that Nana exhibits bisexual qualities and tendencies. According to her that could have been a major factor.

Judging from what Tsatsii said, it is not news that bisexuals are not fully accepted in Nigeria as such many will not like her. Tsatsii, however, did not expressly state that it is the reason but by adding one plus two we can deduce that it could be the reason among other reasons.

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