BBNaija2020: Laycon Finally Speaks About his Father, Why he Uses Left-hand

Laycon Reveals Shocking Stories About his Hero Father and Reasons Behind the Use of his Left-hand  

Laycon of the 2020 Big Brother Naija Lockdown has finally revealed how he started using his left hand. The young and talented rapper who was the very first person to be verified on Instagram in the current Big Brother Naija Lockdown season gave a shocking story of how his father was almost assassinated in the line of duty.

According to Laycon, on that faithful day, his father who was a police officer of the federal republic of Nigeria was with them at home when he was called to come, that there was an on-going robbery somewhere. Laycon’s father as a good citizen who signed up to protect the life and properties of the civilians rushed to the scene of the robbery without calling for backup. Unknowlingly to him, it was a trap.

Bbnaija2020: Laycon Finally Speaks About His Father, Why He Uses Left-Hand
Bbnaija2020: Laycon Finally Speaks About His Father, Why He Uses Left-Hand

It was when he got to the robbery scene that he discovered he has been set-up. Standing alone in the midst of the assassins with nowhere to run, could not defend himself the assassins outnumbered him. One of the killers raised a cutlass to chop-off his head but he used his right hand to cover his head and the cutlass slashed his hand instead.

The cutlass cut his right hand so deep that he could not use it. He fell down and looked lifeless the assassins thinking he has dead left him and fled away. Laycon’s father was taken to the hospital later on where he stayed until he recovered. His right hand was later stitched but he couldn’t use the arm afterwards. He had to start learning how to use his left at an old age. Because of the father’s experience, when he became left-handed and the elders around their home rebuked him, his father always defended him.

Over time, it became part of Laycon and he could no longer use right as much as the left hand. This could be the reason why the young singer never wanted to talk much about his family especially his father. Indeed talking about such a thing in a country as ours will be disheartening. Although Laycon did not say if the father continued to work with the Police force, or the federal government compensating him, we all know how the story will be.

Laycon finally made this known this evening during their wager presentation.

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