BBNaija Season 7: Sponsors that Never Returned after S6

The BBNaija show has been running in Nigeria since 2006 and has had numerous sponsors through the past years.

However, the topic of discussion here centres on the brands, companies or service providers that have withdrawn since involving their image with the Big Brother Naija show.

Before delving right into the discussion, it is important to note that some viewers of the programme perceive it to be impactful and innovative in modern-day television entertainment, while others see the show as demoralising and capable of degrading societal values.

Over the years, the show has received heavy negative criticisms, particularly from those in the religious sphere, with descriptions that the programme reduces moral virtues and promotes prostitution.

On the contrary, fans of the show have expressed maximum excitement and berated those speaking against the BBNaija reality TV show, urging them to watch and change their perspectives.

But, the bone of contention now is whether or not the interpretation by the class of viewers against the show has affected their engagement and patronage of some programme sponsors and their products, brands and services.

Season 6/7 Sponsors That Paid Big Bucks For Bbnaija

Season 6/7 Sponsors that Paid Big Bucks for BBNaija

First, here is the list of those brands/products/services that played key roles in providing part of the four billion naira used to produce the show:

  • Abeg , Patricia , Innoson , Darling , Guiness , Pepsi , Tecno , Munch It , Bet Naija , Airtel , Dano Milk , Close Up , Gradex Stores , Revolution Plus Property , Eva , Glover , Travelbeta , , , Super Kommando Energy Drink , Boomplay Music , Johny Walker , Ciroc , Hypo , Storm .

The budget to run BBNaija season 7 is not in the media space yet but might be out once the programme is concluded.

The list of those that sponsored the 2022 reality show includes:

  • Pocket App (Same as Piggy Vest and Abeg) , Innoson , Flutterwave , Patricia , Tecno , Bet9ja , Dano Milk , Boomplay , Close Up , Pepsi , IVC , Guinness , WAW , TravelBeta , Minimie Chin Chin .

Now, the reason some of the sponsors, BBnaija Season7, decided not to invest again, is unclear, but, it may be safe to say they did not make the targeted profits as projected.

Bbnaija Season 7: Sponsors That Never Returned After S6

Brands/Products/Services that did not Support the Show Again

If you carry out your deductions, those that withdrew their support for the programme are not much but essential to the premise of this piece.

  • Ciroc , Hypo , Storm , , , Gradex Stores , Revolution Plus Property , Eva , Glover , Darling .

As mentioned earlier, it is still unclear why these brands did not appear in the Season 7 show, as no information was retrieved to ascertain the core reasons.

Meanwhile, the programme gained other new sponsors even if several failed to recommit to the entertainment project.

New Sponsors of the Show

  • IVC , WAW , etc.

Although, words of mouth from some followers of the programme suggest that some companies that sponsored the previous editions have crashed after associating with the Big Brother Naija label.

While they help back on the names of those that never recovered from sponsoring the programme, these viewers (Names withheld) insisted that those crashed platforms include some online money transaction App services.

They narrated their personal experiences and hinted that the platforms’ subscriptions and patronage drastically dropped and are no longer of interest to the customers that utilise these services.

In subsequent writings, more diggings would be done to determine what truly happened that led to the withdrawal of a considerable number of BBNaija 2022 sponsors.

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