BBNaija Season 7: Biggie Serves Housemates First Disappointment

The most anticipated show in the whole of Africa BBNaija season 7 started on Saturday evening and no doubt many people have already picked their favourite. The show has 24 different housemates of which only we the viewers are aware.

The 2022 season has a different twist which got many asking questions like is Biggie trying to be biased if not how come they are split into two different houses and one house is finer than the other.

Bbnaija Season 7: Biggie Serves Housemates First Disappointment

we hope to get an answer from Biggie soonest but, for now, let us talk about the first disappointment the housemate got from Biggie. The first 12 housemates got in on Saturday and they were expecting the remaining housemates to join them on Sunday.

To their greatest surprise, they were no housemate joining them. The two houses, Blue House and White House are currently living in an illusion that they are the only housemate.

This disappointment will hit the BBNaija season 7 housemates harder when they feel they are close to winning only to discover they are still other housemates somewhere not new housemates but housemates who have spent almost the same time as them.

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